Types of Poses

During the first 12 months, your baby will be photographed more often than at any other time in their life.....



Children are typically very open with expressing their emotions. The best chance for capturing this honest innocence......



Most pictures fail to capture that special and memorable bond, so apparent with couples. We offer sample.....



Whatever the reason, it is often more challenging to photograph one person than a group. Having more than.....



As Rickie Lee Jones said: "You never know when you're making a memory." The purpose of these poses is not to simply preserve a memory ....


Ultimate Poses Collection

Ultimate Poses Collection contains photography tips for babies, children, groups, couples, individuals. That is all....


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My name is Robert Bezman, and I have been a professional photographer for over 14 years in the Chicago-land area. I started this website in 2004, because my dog ....


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The "after" photos look way better... Don't they?

Obviously they do... BUT, can you tell why?

Average Photographs

The reason is the same reason you hire professional photographers to take pictures for you when it's really important... when it's a wedding... or a child coming of age or graduating... or when you just want your pictures to look spectacular... or when you want a photo to make you look your absolute best!

You're comfortable taking pictures yourself ... when they don't matter that much (like when you're just hanging out with friends). At least that's what you tell yourself.

As long as they're in focus and reasonably well lit, they're fine ... average looking ... but good enough.

If they come out great, even better... but it's no big deal... you have nothing to lose.

Great Photographs

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Think about it...

The Power-of-the-Pose

What happens differently when to go to a professional photography studio? Is their special talent the camera they use? Maybe the bright lights? No. They take the time to pose you just right... only THEN do they actually start taking pictures.

So here's the deal... we've developed a Crash Course In Posing Mastery ... a pose-by-the-numbers library of time-tested poses that work. Before taking pictures, simply refer to ... and mimic, the poses that you already know work.

How is it organized?

The Power-of-the-Pose Library

Listen: We've spent hundreds of hours hand-selecting a very specific set of images that demonstrate winning poses and organized them into five categories. We did this to make it easy to focus on the kind of poses you're interested in and find the poses you're looking for ... just when you need them.

The five categories are:
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • Groups
We've also assembled all the poses from each of the 5 categories into one gigantic collection. This Ultimate Poses Collection includes every single photography tip, image, and bonus from all the other libraries ... and it's available at a 33% discount.

How It Works

Before taking your next picture, just dig into the category of poses you want to get better at ... and start looking around. When you find a pose you like ... study it. Memorize the positions and overall arrangement. Imagine nudging your subjects into imitating the pose you want to shoot them in.

For example, if you find this photo pose appealing:

Then imagine actually moving your friends into the same position. This is a fairly polished photo and the pose is immediately instructive and easy to grasp.

Let's say you happen on this picture next:

This posing example might not seem as striking to you at first glance. But trust us. If we've included the photo - we have good reason to. We have designed our Libraries Of Photography Poses to help you build your skills ... as well as simply remember specific poses. Photography is an art, not a fixed set of rules.

So aside from the rather straightforward pose, what can we glean from this smiling little photograph? How about:
  • When posing people of varying height, there are several ways to reduce the differences if you want to get close up and get everyone's face in the frame.
  • Every person in the group does not have to be an equal distance from the camera.
  • Each person in the group can be positioned at a different angle to the camera (the man on the left has his right shoulder to the camera, the woman-her left, and the child-is more or less straight on).
  • This pose provides a much more interesting and pleasing result than if all three subjects were sitting or standing while squarely facing the camera.
  • The background is out of focus. Notice that the more out of focus the background is, the more the viewer's eyes are drawn to the main subject.
  • In other poses in the library, you'll see that when the background is important, you want to keep it in sharp focus. You may then want the main subjects positioned in a way that they, as well as the background, are properly framed and positioned.
Each Power-of-the-Pose image has something to offer or we wouldn't have included it. Some will jump out at you immediately and strike you as jaw-dropping. Others will seem more plain and commonplace. Then you'll have to dig deeper but this will help you develop your photographer's eye ... and you'll get better at improvising on classic poses and using your immediate environment in creative ways.

For every photo we've included as an effective posing example, we've discarded and excluded many more.

Bringing It All Together

It's important to realize that you're always using a pose when you take a picture! You may be using the pose you're given... by default... by happenstance... but you're always using SOME POSE.

As you improve as a photographer, you'll choose your poses more consciously... you'll select them... be aware of them... experiment with them. You'll start telling people to move, or stoop, or kneel, or lay back, or stand up, or shift to the left...

And you'll start having a lot more fun taking pictures, appreciating the results, and hearing compliments about how good your photos always come out...

Professional photographers know the Power-of-the-Pose ... that's why they always seem to come up with killer photographs.

We're warning you... you'll just have to get used to hearing compliments...

Okay, just click on the categories you're interested in to quickly help you transform your photos from "before" to "after" like this:


Pretty cool, huh?

Grab our libraries today and tell us some stories about how you used them. If we publish your story, we'll give you one library of your choice ... FREE, just for sharing your story with us!

Photographically yours,

Robert Bezman
Professional Photographer

P. S. Don't waste any more memories taking dull, ordinary, or average-looking pictures. Select a category or two from the libraries below right now and start taking more professional-looking photographs in literally... just minutes!

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